How to Tackle QuickBooks Error Code 6144?

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One of the most common errors reported by users is QuickBooks Error 6144. This article explains this error in detail.

QuickBooks desktop software has completely transformed the accounting industry. This software not only helps businesses with their accounting operations but also improves productivity. Moreover, it attracts entrepreneurs with its most popular and amazing features These features make it superior compared to other accounting programs. However, this software is prone to certain errors. One of the most commonly reported errors by users isQuickBooks error 6144. This error often occurs when you try to access your company's files in QuickBooks Desktop. When this error occurs, you will not be able to perform tasks from the main system or from other systems. Error 6144 can be easily fixed if you follow the steps below correctly. At various times, you may want to close QuickBooks Desktop and disable antivirus on all systems. For more information, be sure to read this blog carefully. If you are facing the same issue, feel free to contact our world-class support team by calling our dedicated helpline number1-888-351-0999.

What causes QuickBooks error code 6144?

  • Network problems, especially server or system problems, can cause this error.
  • Corrupt Windows system files or QB-related program files are affected by a virus or malware infection.
  • Another factor that causes error 6144 or error code 6144 82 can be accidental deletion of QB related files.
  • Recent changes related to QuickBooks can cause corruption in the Windows registry and eventually lead to errors.
  • QuickBooks installation is incomplete or the download is corrupted.

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What are the symptoms of QuickBooks error 6144?

  • An active program crashes or the system crashes frequently while the software is running.
  • Windows starts slowly and does not respond to keyboard or mouse input.
  • The system may freeze for a few seconds.
  • The error itself is displayed on the screen, but the error code has been slightly modified.

Solutions to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6144

Here is a list of possible methods that can resolve this issue.

Step 1: Start Service

Step 2: Next, check the Administrator user and change the Account Type

Step 3: Create a new folder by the name of QuickBooks

Step 4: Copy the Company File into the new QuickBooks

Step 5: Create Inbound and Outbound Firewall Rules

Step 6: Add Ports to the new outbound rules

Step 7: Restore Company file on the main server computer

Step 8: Next, open the Company File on local workstations.

Step 9: Access Company files from other computers

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Without this text, the situation can become very difficult and uncontrollable, but using the above steps will simplify the process and users can easily fix the error without much effort. However, if theQuickBooks error code 6144persists, you can find the ideal solution to the error only by working with a QuickBooks error support team that has experience and expertise in resolving errors related to QuickBooks Accounting software fixes. Contact your accounting professional and CPA immediately through our support line at+1-888-351-0999.