Old School RuneScape: Guide to Leveling Melee Combat 1-99

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Melee combat stands out as one of the most iconic and essential activities in Old School RuneScape, offering access to various game aspects like PVP, Slayer, and Bossing.

Melee combat stands out as one of the most iconic and essential activities in Old School RuneScape, offering access to various game aspects like PVP, Slayer, and Bossing. Many players aim for their first 99s in Attack, Defence, and Strength to establish a strong foundation for their in-game journey. While achieving three level-99s requires dedication, let's delve into some basics to ease your path.

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Key Concepts

In Old School RuneScape, each of the three melee skills plays a unique role in shaping your combat performance. Attack determines how accurately you can hit your target, Strength calculates your maximum damage output in a single strike, and Defence reduces the likelihood of you getting hit, although it doesn't affect the damage taken per hit.

To develop these skills, you can switch between different attack styles with your weapon. While you'll likely be leveling up all three skills simultaneously, many players prioritize Strength. This is because increasing your max hit improves your experience (XP) rates more effectively than training Attack and Defence.

Choosing the right weapon is crucial during combat training. Weapons have an Attack requirement for wielding, making it essential to level up Attack alongside Strength until around level 85.

Equipping suitable armor and accessories is equally vital. Pay attention to your gear choices, as they provide significant stat bonuses in various situations.

It's advisable to upgrade to the best available options as quickly as possible, especially in the early levels. As you progress to higher levels, the differences in stats between equipment pieces become smaller, and the cost of high-tier equipment increases significantly, making some upgrades less cost-effective.

Low-Level (1-40)

These early levels will pass quickly compared to the time you'll spend reaching higher levels, so feel free to use your preferred training method during this phase.

Up until level 50, it's recommended to use the highest-level Scimitar available. While the equipment choice may not make a significant difference at these levels, aim for gear that matches your weapon. For instance, by level 35, consider wearing full Adamant armor paired with an Adamant Scimitar.

Mid-Level (41-70)

During these levels, continue battling high-hitpoint enemies to steadily gain experience. As you advance, you might need to switch to different foes, but Sand Crabs and Ammonite Crabs remain reliable choices even at the upper end of this level range.

The significant change in your training approach here lies in your equipment. Once you reach level 60 Attack, you can wield the formidable Dragon Scimitar, a choice favored by many budget-conscious players all the way to level 99.

Additionally, you can diversify your armor choices. The Helm of Neitiznot becomes accessible at level 55 Defence and, besides being a fashion statement, stands out as one of the best head slot items in the entire game. It can comfortably accompany you on your journey to level 99, making it worthwhile to complete the Fremennik Isles quest.

High-Level (71-99)

As you enter the top-level range, the game becomes more diverse, offering a plethora of training options compared to the earlier stages.

While you can stick to defeating regular enemies all the way to level 99—Green Dragons and Rune Dragons in the Wilderness being reliable choices—there are now faster and more profitable methods worth exploring.

For those aiming for a swift climb to 99, The Nightmare Zone, located just north of Yanille, is the quickest route. In Rumble mode, aggressive enemies rush towards you, and you must take down waves of them. Bring along some Absorption Potions to absorb hits for you.

Bossing is another excellent high-level training method, providing fast XP and substantial money-making opportunities. Many bosses yield millions of OSRS GP per hour once you grasp their takedown strategies.

As high-level players, you gain access to various new equipment options. If you're not into Bossing or PKing, sticking with your existing gear is fine. However, consider grabbing an Abyssal Whip at 70 Attack—it significantly improves training Attack and Defence over the Dragon Scimitar.

The Obsidian armor set is highly recommended in these levels, offering a 10% boost to melee accuracy when the entire set is worn. While the platebody may not be as robust as alternatives like the Fighter Torso, it's easier to obtain.

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