Preparing for New World's Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion: Tips and Tricks

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Amazon Games has announced its first expansion for New World, titled "Rise of the Angry Earth," and it has generated significant excitement within the gaming community.

Amazon Games has announced its first expansion for New World, titled "Rise of the Angry Earth," and it has generated significant excitement within the gaming community. As players gear up for the expansion's release, many may find themselves needing to get back into the MMORPG groove. To help you prepare, here are some useful tips and tricks for New World.

Character Creation

In New World, you can create up to three characters, and you have the flexibility to play on various servers and regions. However, it's advisable to play on a server where your friends or guild members are active. Once you delve into character customization, you'll choose your character's name and appearance, setting the stage for your New World adventure. It's worth noting that you cannot change your character's appearance once you've entered the game, so choose wisely or be prepared to start from scratch.

Gather Everything

Gathering and crafting play a significant role in New World. You'll frequently find yourself picking flowers, chopping down trees, and mining stone or flint. Gathering is essential for leveling your profession skills, and it's a good way to earn New World Gold through town board missions. Whenever you come across a gatherable resource, gather it up. You can always store excess materials in your town's storage.

Choose Weapon Attributes Wisely

Unlike some MMORPGs, New World doesn't confine you to a specific class or weapon type. You have the freedom to mix and match weapons and change your build as you progress. However, it's crucial to consider the attributes that affect specific weapon types as you level up and allocate skill points. Here's a quick breakdown:

- Strength: Great Axes, War Hammers, Swords, Hatchets, Spears

- Dexterity: Bows, Muskets, Rapiers, Spears, Hatchets, Swords

- Intelligence: Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, Void Gauntlet, Muskets, Rapiers

- Focus: Life Staff, Void Gauntlet

Constitution, on the other hand, affects your health pool and damage reduction buffs.

Buy a House

Housing is significant in New World, offering storage, crafting facilities, and a chance to express your creativity. Purchasing your first house becomes available at level 15, with a second house unlocked at level 35. While it can be expensive, owning a house is highly beneficial. It reduces teleport cooldown, provides extra storage space, and even unlocks pets, making it a worthwhile investment.

Party Up

While solo play is common in MMORPGs, there are advantages to teaming up in New World. However, keep in mind that being in a party means sharing Weapon XP, which can slow down your weapon leveling. On the plus side, parties enjoy increased enemy and resource spawn rates, making it easier to tackle tougher mobs and bosses. Joining a guild also offers numerous benefits beyond companionship.

Join a Faction

New World features three factions: Marauders, The Covenant, and Syndicate. You can choose one faction per character but can switch later. Joining a faction unlocks various gameplay benefits, such as territory control PvP, which provides excellent XP gains. Completing faction quests also earns you faction-specific currency to purchase gear and equipment, some of which outperform items found in the wild. Additionally, factions help you unlock Satchels to increase your carry weight.

These tips and tricks should help you prepare for the exciting expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth in New World. So, get ready to dive back into the action-packed MMORPG adventure! Gold is the financial support for players in the game. If you are tired of your current farming work, you can try to purchase New World Gold directly from a reliable supplier to improve the efficiency of the game.

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