Here's How To Redesign Your Business Website To Success

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If you don't have a pretty awesome website, it could cost a lot of resources for a business. The total attention span of humans is just 8 seconds as they browse the internet. Your website has to have a big influence on your visitor; otherwise, they will go elsewhere. Usually, there are a handful of factors that hold the website back; some of them are:

Usability~ The only thing that renders a website great isn't a stunning visual design. To raise the usability of your website, you need to check how users interact with it. Experts suggest that you set aside 10 percent of your design resources for usability, which can more than double your website's quality metrics.

Mobile-Friendly~ Mobile users now account for the bulk of digital media engagement, spending on their devices an average of 5.6 hours a day. For assisting these visitors, your website has to employ methods for serving up content on their smaller screens. It's a start to build a mobile version of your site or use responsive web design, but you have to make sure the mobile experience doesn't suffer.

Site Speed~ 39% of visitors have been determined to stop using a website that takes too long to load. Not only do your visitors anticipate things to load fast, but the search engines do so too. Sites that are slow in loading do not rank as high.

Too Much Information~ There is a common trend of offering as much information as possible to visitors when they arrive at your website first. Your visitors are quickly overwhelmed by too many choices, they either become distracted from what you need them to see or do - or simply leave your site.

Modernized~ Even a great website will fall back into the ' OK ' category after a couple of years if things aren't up to date. You need to look for things like old design trends, outdated fonts, links, low-quality pictures, buttons, contact forms.

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